Pastor of the Month

Rafael Segura accepted the Lord in El Chal in 1977. When the Americans returned to the States during the civil violence, he helped with the leadership of the church in El Chal until he was forced out in 1982. Help was needed in La Sorpresa, and he and Blanca moved there and served for eight years. During that time, he made regular trips to Pital to help establish another church.

From La Sorpresa, Rafael moved to Mixcolajá, where he served for another eight years. When his family encountered difficulties, he served in Porvenir for almost four years before he moved to Los Achiotes, where he has now lived and served for eight years.

In May 2010 Rafael’s wife Blanca passed away, leaving Rafael alone. The church built a small room adjacent to the chapel in Los Achiotes for Rafael to live in. He is still active in church work, and has travelled more frequently for revivals and special meetings.

Life in the ministry is not easy for a lonely man like Rafael. “When I sit down to study, sometimes I cry all over my notebook, and I don’t even care,” he told me. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it.”

The church in Los Achiotes is small, and help is scarce. Rafael feels the weight of responsibility, and memories of his wife are fresh in his mind. Please pray that God would be Rafael’s comfort and strength, vision and peace.

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